Orbitel Digital Phone Customers are able to dial 911 and be connected with an emergency operator. We refer to our 911 services as e911 Services. When we establish your phone service, we establish your address into an e911 database so that calls from your home through your Digital Phone will appear to the 911 operator with your local address. The Digital Phone Service does have some limitations with regard to emergency services. Please read this section carefully.  

The location and address associated with your Digital Phone Service will be the address identified on the work order. Customers are not permitted to move Orbitel equipment from the location and address in which it has been installed. If you move Orbitel equipment to an address different than that identified on the work order, calls from such equipment to 911 will appear to 911 emergency service operators to be coming from the address identified on the work order and not the new address.

If you relocate the equipment located within your home to another address, in violation of the Orbitel Subscription Services agreement, then you are responsible to notify Orbitel of that change.

The Orbitel Digital Phone Service does not have its own power source and will not be available without an independent power supply. Under certain circumstances, including if the electrical power and/or Orbitel Communications’ cable network or facilities are not operating, the Digital Phone Service, including the ability to access emergency 911 services, will not be available.

Orbitel is not responsible for any losses or damages arising as a result of the unavailability of the Digital Phone Service, including the inability to reach 911 or other emergency Services.